COMO Game Jam IV: Schedule of Events

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We’ll be starting off just like our previous game jam, with food and mingling before the theme is announced.

Fri 6:00 PM – Food and participants arrive. Get your shirt and name tag. Forced awkwardness all around. Talk to people! Everyone there likes games, so there’s an instant ice breaker!

Fri 6:30 PM – Intro by CoMo Game Dev Association and a rundown of the rules (listed below).

Fri 7:00 PM – “Hail Game Jam, they who are about to box salute you!” Lunch Boxers will be used to choose a theme grand melee style.

Fri 7:30 PM – Game pitches! If you have an idea, get up and pitch it! It doesn’t have to be complete or well developed, it just has to sound like fun. Get up, give your name, the game’s name, and the general idea.

Fri 8:00 PM – Teams are formed and the fun begins! Anyone new to game jams, or just want some extra pointers, can stick around and hear a brief 5 minute primer from a Video Game Jammer and a Tabletop Jammer on best practices.

Fri 11:00 PM – Late night snack (usually Hotbox cookies)

Sat 7:00 AM – Breakfast and Coffee

Sat 12:00 PM – Lunch

Sat 6:00 PM – Dinner

Sat 11:00 PM – Late night snack (usually Hotbox cookies)

Sun 7:00 AM – Breakfast and Coffee

Sun 10:00 AM – Start getting your games uploaded. Mentors can help with this process.

Sun 12:00 PM – PENCILS DOWN GAMES MUST BE IN. Lunch is served.

Sun 4:00 PM – Winners announced!

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